Find the perfect writing opportunity to pursue today.

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Are you always looking for new freelance writing opportunities? Hundreds to thousands of consumer magazines, trade magazines, and other publications are always looking for new writing talent. The trick is to find the markets that cover the topics you are passionate about. Here are 3 new writing markets to consider.

Psychology Today

Find unique writing opportunities to showcase your work while making extra money.

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Are you looking for writers’ markets that are outside the typical ones everyone is always talking about? Find 3 unique magazines that are interested in receiving work from freelance writers today.

Airforce Times

Website: Airforce Times

Guidelines: not available online

Send Story Query To: Online Contact Form

Looking For: Nonfiction

Payment: $75.00–500.00

Find new publications to query or submit your work to.

Are you looking for a new magazine to write for or to pitch your ideas? Check out these 3 different markets that are looking for nonfiction articles or columns.

Robb Report

Website: The Robb Report Magazine

Guidelines: none available online

Send Story Query To:

Looking For: Nonfiction

Payment: $1.00 a word…

Pamela Kazmierczak

I love writing! Writing gives you a voice and Sometimes your voice is all you have. Use it daily.

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