Information, News, and My Thoughts From 10/11/21

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Once, I read an article on Medium about Medium (or one of the billion articles about Medium here) — I am sorry. Still, it has been a while, and I do not remember who wrote it. …

All nazi’s suck, but there is only one called the “Angel of Death”

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In case you think the world has gone to shit and everyone is so must worse than they ever were, I wanted to start writing about all the Assholes from history. This is not to say that…

Stop wanting and dreaming and get down to writing because that is what writers do

writing, become a writer, writing tips, how to become a writer
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Being a writer is not some magical, unattainable goal. Perhaps you are confusing being a writer with being a famous author or a bestselling writer. Of course, they, too, started off just as writers.


Instead, think about them more.

Dream. Follow Your Dreams. Keep Dreaming. Self-Improvement.
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Do you have dreams? Is there something that you really want to do with your life, or do you have a picture of what your life should look like? It’s Okay. Most people do. My advice to you is simple — keep dreaming.

So many people get to a certain…

Wedding Dresses — From Traditional to Modern Wedding Gowns

Elegant Bride Shopping For Wedding Dress. Bridal Gowns. Bridal Shop. Wedding Dresses, Wedding Gowns.
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Shopping for wedding dresses and deciding on your look and style for the wedding is usually one of the bride’s most anticipated activities. …

ALL — This means not just Covid, but all dangerous Misinformation on Vaccines

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Thank You, Google. Thank You, YouTube. I mean, you really could have taken this step a super long time ago, but whatevs. Better late than never, right? Still — thank you.

Yes, anti-vaxxers will just find their information somewhere else and complain about how incredibly unfair this is. We will…

Don’t want to write today (or ever)? Find the perfect excuse, not to today

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Do you just not want to write today and are looking for some way to justify this decision? …

Unique ideas to take care of your self-care needs

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If you have ever wanted to take care of yourself better, you have probably looked up different self-care habits. There are so many different ideas of caring for yourself and your own personal needs, and they are valid.

Today we are not going to talk about any of the most…

Writing quotes to read and when you have no drive to sit in front of your keyboard anymore

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Sometimes writers have writer’s block. Other times we just lack inspiration. When these times occur, we need to find a way to climb out of our writing funk and start again. If you have discovered tips or tricks that work for you, that is great. …

Do I need help? Am I normal? Is there an actual problem here?

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I have a small notebook (ironic, but not the point of this article) that I jot down subjects to write about at some point. One of the subjects I wrote down months ago is my notebook obsession. I was looking for something different to write about. It popped out because…

Pamela Kazmierczak

I love writing! Writing gives you a voice and Sometimes your voice is all you have. Use it daily.

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